Mysterious group of mercenaries are recruiting in Russia for an easy job in Donbass.

Wagner PMC ChVK mercenaries

What they will do there is unknown.

Mercenary operation in Donbass – Medusa – Lilia Yapparova – December 22, 2021

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A large scale war in under preparation, says American Intelligence Service , in Ukraine, as the negotiations between Putin and Biden seems useless. The invasion is close.

The massive troops are getting into battle order on the Russian side. On the Nato side, we are getting under alarm. But if we focus on the dark side of the war, is the mercenary option.

Mercenary are getting massively recruited in order to go to he West-front (which means the Eastern Europe) for the first time for hears, getting trained in official ministry base ! Of course, the ministry f defense didn’t confirm such information.

Some recruiters took part of the action in Ukraine in 2014-2015 as army regulars, special warfare service troop, or mercenaries.

Mercenaries are being recruited different companies, with different specialties and salaries. They are looking for a total of 120 people. But these same mercenaries don’t believe in such a war. They think it would be a tough job for them to fight against a regular army. It is much harder than their regular job in Africa! In fact, the training level seems lows for those who are used to hard training and real operational engagement.

In fact, the prospects don’t understand who is recruiting, neither why.

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