Total impunity for Wagner PMC in Syria

Two criminals on one picture - Thank you Wagner PMC

Full report

Wagner PMC is benefiting from total impunity amidst brutal assassinations, a report from the International Federation
for Human Rights

The justice system is powerless to condamn the exactions of the Private Military Company, no matter how horrible.
In the end, criminals are living in a total impunity, whether in Syria in Libya or anywhere else in the world. The international Criminal court seems, once again, to be powerless to take action against these groups.

Since freedom of the press is all but a reality in Syria, the silence of medias is assured. Non governmental organization try to engage in legal actions, but none really has the ability to do so with success.Complaints from different lawyers are always filed away. As long as the regime endorses these mercenaries, it is to be feared that few progress will be made.

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