In the Same River Twice – The Wagner story that Putin doesn’t want you to read

Marat Gabidullin - In the Same River Twice

Once upon a time, there was a mercenary called Marat Gabidullin.

He is now retired from the group. Initially, he was a paratrooper in the soviet army. He became a mercenary, commissioned by the unofficial Kremlin PMC, but well known, the Wagner group.

Marat is trying to publish for several years his memories despite the pressure of the Kremlin.

He is a rare person to speak openly about his duty from this Private Military Company. He got enlisted as a private and finished his career as an officer, commanding a kind of RECCE unit. He left the group in 2020. Marat says he was under pressure of the Kremlin because of Putin interests in hiding this dark side of the modern Russian history.

He says he took part into the actions during the Syrian campaign end more specially during the Palmyra Battle, being himself wounded in action.

The book is titled “In the Same River Twice”

Finally he cancelled the pubilcation of the book under pressure. Without geting into details, the purposed is supposed to be to protect his comrades, his fellow soldiers. He tried to publish his book first time in 2017. while he was still serving in the Wagner group, he started to write, after a serious injury in 2016 in a battle near Palmyra.

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